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As mom to four children whose number one passion is to craft and create, we spend a lot of time collecting supplies to make all manner of critters, objets d’art and other handmade goodies. My kids always enjoy a well-made craft kit, but they’re often hard to find and a good number of the ‘mainstream’ kits depend heavily on plastic and other synthetic materials, with components of poor quality and questionable origin. Feeling uninspired by many of these kits, I decided to create my own, and so Kit and Caboodle Designs craft kits were born.

Kit and Caboodle craft kits emphasize the natural, the imaginative and the unusual – living in the Pacific Northwest, we find ourselves surrounded by beauty and a certain eclectic feel each day; I am inspired by the many sights, textures and colors I see when I’m out and about, and I try to translate scribbles in my notebook into the designs for a pleasing craft kit.

My goal is to create kits which appeal to the senses and pique the creative muse in all of us. I try to keep the materials simple with scope for each crafter to interpret and embellish as he or she desires. I strive to source raw materials responsibly, using recycled and repurposed where possible and I always take great care to provide a high standard of quality. Once made, it is my hope that each unique toy will be loved for many years.

All aspects of this business are operated from home, where crafting fits naturally into the day to day rhythm of the household, its comings and goings, ups and downs. My children join me in my daily endeavors, suggesting designs, testing patterns, sewing, felting and enjoying the work process before tucking their creations into bed with them at night. My husband is my Kit and Caboodle design eagle eye and business advisor. I am grateful for the gifts they each give.

My hope is that Kit and Caboodle Designs kits satisfy the crafty alter egos of the young (and young at heart), and may you take pride in the fruits of your labor.

Happy crafting!